About The Rotary Club of The Woodlands

The main objective of Rotary is SERVICE - in the community and throughout the world. Rotarians build goodwill and peace, provide humanitarian service, and encourage high ethical standards in all vocations. The Rotary motto is "Service Above Self" and based  upon the following Four Pillars:

1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Business and professional men and women in our area comprise The Rotary Club of The Woodlands. We welcome you to consider joining our outstanding group of leaders making a difference in our community.

The Rotary Club of The Woodlands is committed to serving the community and to fellowship and friendship among its members at our weekly lunch meetings. Our Rotarians who find their service most rewarding are those who get involved in any of the myriads of projects available. We ring bells for the Salvation Army at Christmas, collect food and funds for the Montgomery County Food Bank, deliver weekly senior meals for Meals on Wheels, conduct literacy campaigns, donate blood, support foster children, and provide thousands of dollars in scholarships every year through our Student of the Year program and Lone Star Montgomery County. Contact your Conroe ISD Career Counselor or Lone Star Financial Aid office for scholarship details.

And we have fun!  We've joined the YMCA Dragon Boat races every year. 

Most importantly, membership in The Rotary Club of The Woodlands guarantees you a close group of friends, first, and business associates second, that you can count on. And, as a Rotarian, you can go to any Rotary Club anywhere in the world, and find immediate camaraderie and friendship, the next best thing to be

The Rotary Club of The Woodlands was chartered on May 9, 1975. It was sponsored by the Conroe Club. The original founders were:

 Tom Boak  Barney Dosier  Corky Shaw  Coulson Tough
 Bill Leigh  Charles Kelly  Vernon Robbins  Larry Kash
 Ralph Lanning  Roger Broach  Don Rozak  Dick Smith
 Jim Godbold  Ed Roberson  James Pitchford  Marvin Agnew
 Tom Dorrell  Jim Veltman  Bob Gustavsen  David Powell
 Bill Beal      

These men spent many hours organizing the club, identifying prospective members, and informing prospective members about Rotary. Their dedication to Rotary and the new club provided a strong foundation for its future.

District Hall of Famers

 Tom Boak David Dollahite Glen Hall Larry Hathaway
 Mary Matteson Rebecca McGowan Walter (Corky) Shaw Scott Wolford  
 Bob Guagenti Ann Snyder Jeff Early Norman Parrish


 The Woodlands Roll of Fame Award recipients:

Tom Boak Walter Shaw Ann Snyder Robert "Bob" Guagenti
Glen Hall Larry Hathaway Mary Matteson   1997 David Dollahite
Jeff Early   2006 Norman Parrish   2007 T. Ross Brown   2008 Ron Rogers, DDS   2009
Bill Leigh   2010 Robert C. Schucker, Phd.   2011 John Hathaway   2012 Andrew Cox   2013
Ann Wolford   2014 Dan Cox   2015 Julie Martineau   2018 Bill Friebel   2019
Judy Olson   2020 Clay McCollor   2021 Randy Kruchten 2022 Theresa Wagaman 2023
Honorary Members

Paul Barrett, Dick Newsome, and Frank Robinson.


The Woodlands Rotary Club meets Thursdays at noon at The Woodlands Country Club - Palmer Course, 100 Grand Parkway, Legacy Ballroom.

Our Mailing Address

PO Box 7353, The Woodlands, TX 77387-7353.
Contact our officers for more information.

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