Posted by Becky Shannonhouse on Jan 04, 2019
As we near the end 2018 I wanted to give you an update on the planning committee progress to date.
We have sold 13 Tables to Rotarians and 7 Corporate Sponsorships/tables totally - $109,250.
The committee is very excited to have sold this many Sponsorships/tables already, however we need to sell 25 more tables by February 15th. If you are interested in buying a table or, splitting a table with other members don’t hesitate to let one of the committee members know and we can facilitate this for you.
It is so exciting to think we are going to raise this money and donate it All to Rotary House! With the guidance of Randy Kruchten we are well on our way to a successful evening.
We are still in need of volunteers to help in the areas of: decorations, silent auction, wine pull, etc. There will be several opportunities for all of the members to volunteer the day and night of as well. You can contact Sue Turney to sign up.
We still have a Big Need for Silent Auction Items ranging in value from $25.00 to $2,500.00. We can pair items together to create a higher value. Everyone loves an experience such as; The spa, professional sports, dinning out, Movie Theater, Kids parties, horseback riding, or any type of experience you may like. Just be creative and ask for a donation.
We need a volunteer to step up and head up the Wine Pull, this committee entails collecting the wine from the membership at the lunches, at RAH, wrapping the bottles of wine, setting up the day of the event and overseeing the wine pull during the evening of the event. You will have 3-4 volunteers the day of committed to help you.
If any of you have a contact at one of the Oil companies please let a committee member know and we will contact them for a Sponsorship. We appreciate any help with contacts over the next month.
We will be sending out another update on January 15,th so please stay tuned.