Lone Star Scholarships

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Lone Star Scholarships

This Rotary Service committee meets a few times each year to coordinates selection of Lone Star College - Montgomery students to receive scholarships.  The scholarships are need-based and can greatly impact the student's financial situation. 

The committee often receives thank you letters from the scholarship recipients.  Here are a few excerpts: 

"I am so excited for my patients and future employers to soon be able to work as a registered nurse... I love being a nurse  and being an RN will allow me to touch many more lives.  Again, thank you for this scholarship I greatly appreciate your generous contribution to my education."

"As a native Houstonian, and a resident of The Woodlands, I am honored by your selection.  It is encouraging to know that my community is actively involved in the support of higher education... I will do my best to pay your generosity forward to our community." 

"I grew up in the Houston area and ... am a single parent who decided to "go back to college" after a decade of working a variety of jobs.  I am currently working a full-time job in health care, going to school, and caring for my young son... you can imagine just how grateful I am."

"I come from a family of six and will be a first-generation college student.  My goal is to become a registered nurse, make a positive impact in people's lives as well as being a positive role model for today's youth." 

"Since I moved to the States, I have experienced culture shock and language barriers ... I want to be a person who can contribute to both family and community.  So I decided to go back to school to pursue a new career... Going back to school is the best decision I have ever made." 

 "A further long term goal would be to eventually earn a Master's Degree so that I could possibly teach in a nursing program."

"I currently have a 4.0 and plan to work hard to keep that.  Besides being a full time Mom, I am a full time student who is majoring in Education.  My favorite time of the day is when I sit down at the kitchen table with my four children and we all do our homework."